I just dropped my sister off

I just dropped my sister off at her friends house and picked up my dog from the dog sitter. I made a wrong turn. When you’re going south on the 2 and the freeway ends, it throws you out on Glendale and you can veer right on Alvarado or veer left to stay on Glendale and turn on Montana. My old house was off Montana. My new one is Alvarado. Like a tick, I stay to the left. And blindly push my wheel when I see the sign for Montana. It’s been four months since I got the call from Paris. When my ex called me. It was three am his time, six pm mine. I was in our bedroom, in the second-story of our unkept craftsman. When I answered the phone and listened to his voice and pressed end call. When I went downstairs to answer the door, and my friend came in with a brown- bagged bottle of Malbec, and I cut cheese into slices and cried on the cutting board. It’s been four months since I’ve lived off Montana. And I've veered left a lot of times.







Garrison captures sex, loneliness, and the random thrills of life with such poignancy, you yearn to read more…"


Perhaps the most distinguishing feature in One Dollar Stories is the transformation of the ordinary into sensuality. This is directly accomplished through Garrison  making every mundane gesture into an affair of intimacy...Its brevity strikes directly as pure drama and after you finish the story in about one minute your head whirls at how it is possible.”


5/31:  FINGERED @ Company Presents  7pm 


6/28: CHOKED  @Shakespeare Theater Company 7pm


7/2: LIVE READING @ Tree House LA 7:30pm

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